24 hours real-time registration

Register all important gTLDs (generic top level domains) and ccTLDs (country code top level domains) directly in real-time, 24 hours a day.

Universal handling

Register for all kinds of contacts a separate person or company, if you want. This for owner-c, admin-c, tech-c and billing-c.

Almost all domain updates for free

The central register charges specific TLDs, apart from that domain updates are for free.

Automatic domain renewal

Your domain names are always automatically renewed if not required otherwise. This guarantees that you won’t lose of your domain when the deadline expires.

Standardized ordering system for all TLDs

You are always using the same admin interface for the management of your domain names, no matter whichever you have ordered.

Complete overview and control

With the WebAdmin portal you come to grips with all domain transactions such as adds, transfers, renewals etc.

Fax confirmation is no longer necessary

Order every transfer simply online with the authorization code. No longer sending fax confirmations.

Free support >500 Domains

We support you by automatically merging all domain accounts of your portfolio from 500 domains.

Support with IDN domains

We support you in handling internationalized domain names (IDN) containing non-ASCII characters, e.g. äöüé.


In general

.ch for CHF 10.50

  • .ch domain names for only CHF 10.50 per year
  • Savings of 20% - 30% for all domain extensions (see here the pricing without discount)
  • After the registrations you will get an overview of your pricings
  • Available from 10 domains
  • Payment via prepaid system
Order the domain reseller for free

Web interface

Manage all your domain names effortlessly via our my.simplehosting.ch customer center with following features: 

  • Domain owner, Admin-C and Tech-C
  • DNS name server
  • Auto renewal
  • Registrar lock
  • Mass processing tool
  • Diverse general informations such as registrar date, renewal date etc.
Order the domain reseller


The domain reseller account disposes of a prepaid system. After uploading a deposit, the reseller is able to register domains with the existing balance. Domain renewals will be debited automatically from the prepaid account. The reseller uploads a minimum of CHF 200.

Order the domain reseller

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