Making money while recommending us


Whether you are already a customer or just want to make some money, everyone is welcome to participate in our affiliate program.

Overview of our rewards:

20 CHF one-time for
Mini mail hosting
Cloud dns light
Antis-pam advanced for hosting customers

35 CHF one-time for

Simple hosting
Maxi mail hosting
Cloud dns basic
Sitebuilder hosting
Anti-spam/ MX filter for external 

50 CHF one-time
5 domain reseller hosting
Business hosting
Cloud dns professional

100 CHF one-time for
10 domain reseller hosting

150 CHF one-time for
20 domain reseller hosting
Cloud server
Own server hosting

Get stated as affiliate asap

And this is how it works

For each of your recommended orders a provision is credited to your affiliate account. The credit on your affiliate account can be used for your next hosting invoice or paid out as soon as you reach 100 CHF. Start affiliating today by signing up at If you are already a customer login with your usual customer login at the customer center and choose affiliate from the menu bar. 

You will receive your personal affiliate link, which we use to track your actions. It is also possible to write your name in the comment field of a new order, so that we can credit this manually to your affiliate account. Please feel free to contact us via ticket or mail if you have any question.


Example for the affiliate link (replace XX with your affiliate number)

On the following page you will get a detailed description to the affiliate link and functions.

Do you have questions?

Please feel free to contact us if you have any question about our affiliate program.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.