Your own server in our data center

Server housing is the possibility for your company to professionally run and monitor your server/s in our data center.

We offer reliability above the average with a redundant Internet connection, permanent network monitoring, access control, two independent electric circuits and uninterruptible power supply as well as burglary-, fire- and water damage alarm systems. And at this point it will become more economical to host your web agency server with us than to invest in your own expensive data center.



Our redundant network with several Internet uplinks offers fastest access from Switzerland and world wide.

Full service

No mater if you want firewall protection, DNS, rDNS or monitoring including alerting your uplink, we offer you everything.

Swiss made

All your server and data remain in Switzerland at any time. Our whole network including all hardware is based in Switzerland.

Server Housing Features

A secure home

100% Swiss data center

The data center is located in Otelfingen in Switzerland. Close to Zurich it can easily be reached.

Uptime guaranty

We guarantee highest uptime of 99.9% due to our redundant network, firewall and uplink configuration.

Redundant network

Our network is completely redundant to exclude single points of failure. This includes router, firewall, switches or carrier-based circuits.

Data center

Our entire infrastructure is based in a highly protected data center equipped with emergency power supply, fire-fighting system and access control.

Firewall protection

Each server in our network is firewall cluster protected. Thus we protect your server of being attacked from the Internet.

Full service

Own public IP address/es and further services such as DNS and rDNS are at your disposal at any time. We are happy to advice you about the choice of your server.

server (2).png

Server housing offer

  • Housing of your server and devices in our facilities
  • Uninterruptible power supply (UPS)
  • Air conditioning system and video surveillance
  • Fire-fighting system
  • Firewall protection (shared)
  • Consumption of electricity inclusive (normal server usage per HE 300Watt)
  • Stable Internet connection with 24/7 monitoring
From CHF 89.00 per month

Do you have questions or any requests?

Please feel free to contact us if you have any question.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.