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The loved one

The loved one

From CHF 15.00 per year

With more than 15 millions registered domain names .net is one of the most popular top-level domains.

The global

The global

From CHF 15.00 per year

Since more than 15 years .com belongs to the
global standard domain names.

The 100% Swiss

The 100% Swiss

From CHF 10.50 per year

Belonging to Switzerland, this domain name has already been registered million fold.

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What we have to offer arround your domain name

Clearly arranged Hosting Control Panel

Only one login for all domains and services

All available domain extensions

Simple domain transfer to simplehosting.ch

Convenient payment methods on account, credit card, paypal or even TWINT

Management of domain name server inclusive

Which Domain is the right for you?

Domains are known to be important for online communication. Also in the search results of Google, Bing and the other search services, a meaningful URL decides about the visit of new potential customers. Domain names should be simple and understandable. A prime example is the company name and the main service in the domain name. Search services like Google rate your website better and new customers understand what you are offering within seconds. Meaningful domains are also important for the desired success in your online marketing measures such as Google AdWords.

Domain Privacy

Domain Privacy with .ch free

Protect your personal data

As soon as you acquired a domain, all your personal data is published in free accessible whois index lists. Marketing agencies or cheaters have access to your name, address, phone number and mail addresses. With our domain privacy protection you are safe. Instead of displaying your personal data neutral data is shown. This service is available for nearly all domain extensions for only CHF 5.00 per year. It's free with all .ch domains.

The following data is protected:

  • Name and first name
  • Physical address
  • Phone number
  • Email address
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