Cutting-edge technology

With our technical infrastructure we want to proof that we take your trust in our service very seriously, and that we are committed to protecting your personal and sensitive data.

Your data we are entrusted with is secure at high-performance servers in Oetelfingen. Backup files are created at night-time and continuous monitoring of our entire platform timely alert issues before they become emergencies.

We take care of the entire infrastructure apart from the data center itself. All of our server, network and security systems are running on a redundant infrastructure to exclude single points of failure.


Server/ network

Our server infrastructure is built on the newest industry leading technologies of HP ProLiant DL servers. The standardized server farm with branded hardware stands for long-term continuity.

We operate an own VMware ESX private Cloud, which is completely redundant with a central NetApp storage System.

We rely on Cisco network switches to 100% - successfully since the start-up of Simple Hosting. Our backbone comprises 10 Giga Nexus switches at the moment.


Storage solution

Simple Hosting has to manage more and more clients’ data - fast and secure. For most of the storage systems big migrations with an increasing amount of data are necessary. With NetApp, the leading producer of NFS storage systems this is different. Since from the smallest storage system to the biggest the same software Ontap can be used.

As we are dedicated to providing the best for our customers and their data, we required the best storage system. We chose NetApp after long evaluation as it convinced in every way. A 100% storage cluster of NetApp is deployed.




We completely backup all servers every night in image format and keep different versions. In that way everything can be restored three month backwards.

Additionally, every week a backup of all data is stored on an external network-attached storage (NAS). Every night the backups are copied in a second, 160 km remote location. Mail logs are secured separately and stored for half a year. Even in the extremely unlikely case of a complete server breakdown, a complete 1:1 image backup can be back up within 1 to 2 hours.



For Firewall and intrusion prevention, products of Fortinet are our first choice. From our point of view, Fortinet is the number 1 for a simple firewall solution or a very effective intrusion prevention.

In addition to the network security, an endpoint protection software is installed on each of our servers. This analyzes all incoming and outgoing data even more deeply in order to protect the server even better against attacks in the application area.


Anti-spam/ antivirus

For email security, solutions of SpamExperts are our first choice. SpamExperts is developing all technologies and filters more than 1.2 million domains corresponding to several hundred million of filtered spam messages a day. SpamExperts is the leading provider in this area, reaching an accuracy of 99.98% and a false positive rate of one to a million.

Both end-user with MX-filter advanced/ option and reseller of Simple Hosting have the opportunity to access a extensive API and a user-friendly control panel. You retain in control due to fast log search, statistics, spam reports and the opportunity to adapt the system individually at any time.

Data center

The data center is of great importance since it’s a fortress for your data and has to meet highest security and availability requirements.

We are housed in an ultramodern data center in Otelfingen.

The choice of the location allows for a fast intervention in case of emergency and to solve possible problems.

Click here to get more information and to see pictures of the data center.

Attributes of the data center:

  • Swiss location (Otelfingen)
  • Fully air-conditioned rooms with modern air circulation systems
  • Permanent video surveillance
  • Access control (ID cards)
  • Uninterruptible power supply (UPS)
  • Fire-fighting system with nitrogen-enriched cold vapor
  • Backbone monitoring around the clock, seven days a week