Our qualities

Multi-server technology

We offer a webhosting on the newest Windows hosting- or Linux servers depending on your demands. Individual services are distributed on different servers or clusters whenever possible.

Server location Switzerland

Your data is our most precious asset. All clients’ data is stored in a Swiss data center, which enables us to offer you short data connections, low latencies and high-speed.

Individual solutions

We have made it our business to find an individual solution for every client. “Nothing is impossible” – In this sense we strive to provide the very best to realize even the most challenging wishes of our clients.

Over 18 years of experience

We are engaged in webhosting for more than 18 years. You can rely on a solid knowledge base and a reliable continuity. Some customers accompany us right from the beginning. Since October 2002 simplehosting.ch has established on the hosting market through steady and healthy growth. Therefore you can count on us – today and tomorrow.

High quality hardware

The availability of a website or application is also determined by the hardware used. Thus, a key factor for us to use branded hardware of leading technology companies exclusively. Whether HP for server, Cisco for switches, Fortinet for firewall cluster or NetApp for the primary SSD storage.

Email and communication service

Our email platform will meet every need: webmail, SMTP/ POP/ IMAP, SSL or TSL, mailing lists, email forwarding, auto responder, server-side rules and many others. Furthermore, our strong spam filter cluster of spamexperts.com filters incoming emails and rejects spam. Even in case of mail server unavailability mails are temporary stored on the spam filter cluster - to loose NO mail message.


Security is our number one priority. ALL webhosting-, customer-, cloud- or housing servers are located behind a multistage security platform.


Good customer relations are the basis of our success. This is reflected in long-lasting customer loyalty and a high recommendation rate.

Broad product portfolio

With our broad hosting and service portfolio, we almost meet every need, no matter if private or business customer. Additionally, you can be sure that your hosting platform keeps up with the pace of technology.

Ready for the future

»Progress lies not in enhancing what is, but in advancing toward what will be.« - Khalil Gibran

We are dedicated to provide our customers with the latest features, script languages and much more by constantly expanding our hosting and service platform.